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Personalized nutrition plans

Amie cares! You'll receive a personalized plan, lots of helpful tips, & one on one support. If you're serious about changing bad habits then take this next simple step to a healthy life! - Haley S

Lost weight during the holidays!

I was desperate when I finally found Amie. I am a 56 year old 50 pound overweight women. I have tried almost all of the diet plans out there and I continued to gain 5 pounds every year. I felt like I was dieing, high cholesterol, borderline high blood pressure. I was so out of breath walking the dog.
Amie was my last chance!
I couldn't believe how great I felt within one week of working with Amie. It's not really a DIET ! She customizes a food plan just for you. If you have cravings for certain foods she makes suggestions that you can live with. Who loses weight during the holidays! Well, I do! I am down 12 pounds already. And I feel satisfied. She worked with my doctor and convinced them to order more blood tests that established to them that I did indeed have an autoimmune thyroid condition. Thanks to Amie I am now getting the proper medication and proper food choices. It's not always about getting a bikini body, sometimes it's just about feeling like you are finally living! — Patty C

Changes in sleep and energy!

Very helpful!! We have check ins every other day (sometimes everyday!). Amie gets back to me with answers to my questions right away almost always! If not, within a few hours! She has really helped me figure out what to look for and ways to substitute so I don't have to completely change my way of eating. I have also felt a lot of changes in my sleep patterns and my energy levels. Definitely recommend! - Marybeth B

Weight loss and balanced eating at last!

Because of Amie and her nutritional guidance, I lost the last 10 pounds that I had been trying to lose for more than a year. After the first week or two, the eating plan became routine and the weight practically melted away.
I used to think I was an emotional eater, but once I began eating the correct amount of protein and reduced my carbohydrates, I did not feel an overwhelming need to consume food like I had in the past. Before Amie the toughest times of the day for me were after work and in the evening. With a balanced diet and well-timed snacks, I did not feel overly hungry.
I would recommend this program to anyone who is motivated to lose weight and willing to incorporate simple changes to their daily eating habits. It has been a life-changing experience for me. -Lori — Clara Ray.

Video Testimonials

An inspiring story of all around health changes ...that we didn't even expect!

Posted by Dr. Amie Hornaman Nutrition and Functional Medicine-In Process 2018-2021 on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Why you should come to the FREE seminar next Tuesday at 6 pm on how to lose weight the right way. One of my STAR patients....20lbs and counting!

Posted by Dr. Amie Hornaman Nutrition and Functional Medicine-In Process 2018-2021 on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Another amazing patient/amazing success story...doesn't her glow tell it all? From coming off antidepressants to weight loss to fixing the gut, we did all of the above with Pam! Barb Mazon thank you for building lean muscle with Pam as well! #teameffort

Posted by Dr. Amie Hornaman Nutrition and Functional Medicine-In Process 2018-2021 on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO! My amazing client who has lost 25 lbs total (and her husband has as well just by supporting her!) Pam Rea. The video got cut off by an incoming call but we were able to film tons of inspirational material.

Posted by Dr. Amie Hornaman Nutrition and Functional Medicine-In Process 2018-2021 on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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