Life changing program and I’m down 50 lbs

I would like to share my experience with Amie as my nutritional coach because it has been such an amazing one! After trying so many diet plans in the past that ultimately failed, I was left frustrated with my weight and concerned for my overall health. I later suffered an injury that made working out impossible and I was afraid losing weight would be an even more difficult task.

I decided one day to have a consult with Amie and give her personalized program a try, and in weeks I saw big results! I was shocked since I was not able to move around much at all. She tailored a nutrition program to me that made losing the unwanted pounds so easy.

Throughout the process there definitely have been challenging times when I came close to giving up, and this is where Amie was so radically different from other coaches and programs I attempted: when typically in the past I’d throw in the towel, now with her guidance and encouraging words, I was not dropping the ball!

This is by far my favorite part of this experience! Amie always knows what to say and more importantly how to say it. It’s like she knows exactly what you need to hear to stay on track and it made an enormous difference!

Now, 6 months and 50 pounds later, I cannot recommend her program enough! It isn’t really a “program” more like life changing guidance to help you focus on health rather than size, which as a healthcare professional I truly appreciate! Good luck and talk to Amie if you want to finally make that change! – Lauren