Stress. Will. Age. You

Can I leave it at that?

Stress comes in all shapes and sizes and yes, I know there is an argument about “perceived’ stress as well. But I am talking about REAL stress. Divorce. Money. Loss of a job. Death of a loved one. Seeing a loved one or child in pain. Sick parent. Parent, spouse or child in the hospital. Or any combination of those.

Thats the kind of stress I’m talking about. The kind where you look in the mirror and see your skin age before your eyes. You know things are not right in your body and there’s not much you can do about it.  Your hands are tied and you have no control. All you can do is cross the swamp to get to the other side and hope the journey doesn’t take TOO much of a toll.

Stress will age you.

What can you do about it? I know you thought this article would be filled with tips on reducing stress, yoga moves to balance your chi and top herbs for stressed our skin. But the reality is all you can do is get through it the best way you can.  You can certainly eat as best as you can but every so often to deal with the stress you need a chocolate chip cookie (telling you what you NEED to hear sometimes works in your favor!). Get back to your clean diet after you get through what you have to get through. Throw in some green tea and a salad here and there and just get through it.

Just know stress will age you.

After this past year and especially the past 2 weeks I am officially specializing in anti-aging treatments. I will get back to you with info, articles and more. But lets just say my plastic surgeon might get my face sooner than expected. I’ll see what I can figure out between now and going under the knife and will keep you updated.

Stress will age you, but don’t let it kill you.  You’re not alone that’s for sure. Just get through it and we will get you back on track on the other side of the swamp.