Stress will age you part 2

As a follow up to my first post of STRESS WILL AGE YOU…I go see my hairdresser today who has done my hair for the past 20 years (and as a side note who I will always go to as long as she is working), and she says “ya your hair looks thin this time”. That’s because I’ve aged FIVE YEARS in the past month! Dad in hospital who came close to passing away, mom with dementia, travel, moving my business into a new office, supporting loved ones through their tough times….um ya…I’ve aged. My face is also resting on my chest and dark circles have appeared where there were none before.

Could I control it? No. All I could do…all I CAN do is get through it.  Maybe get some Botox. But my point to you is stress will age you. If you can control it, control it. If you can look at your situation from a different perspective, do so.

I know I’ll walk out of the salon today feeling more beautiful….thanks Shannon…you are the best…but such an eye opening (or eye drooping) experience to see how hard stress hits you and affects your body.

Can it affect your Thyroid and weight too? Yes yes and yes. More on that next time…