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Do you seem to be ​tired​,​ moody​, or ​irritable ​
more often than not ?


Are you are frustrated ​with​ your weight loss results?

Do you struggle with ​carb ​and ​sugar cravings ​?

If this sounds like YOU,……then it’s time to Uncover the REAL cause of your weight and thyroid issues with…

Amie Hornaman

Certified Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Provider

Why do I feel sick?

It\’s ​frustrating​ to always feel this way, and it\’s equally ​frustrating​ when these symptoms affect your quality of life.

Low energy, thyroid problems, hormone imbalance, excess weight, fatigue, depression, anxiety, irritability, hair loss, brain fog and memory loss​…the list goes on and on. These are symptoms of a body in distress!

For ​over 19 years​, Amie Hornaman has worked with clients just like you–people suffering with debilitating symptoms, people who are ​fed up with spending time and money on traditional medical treatments that have failed to make them feel better.

Amie specializes in treating these common problems and symptoms​:



Amie has extensive experience with diagnosing and treating clients with symptoms and problems just like you.

Weight loss, Thyroid Disorder, Hormone Imbalance, Gut Health, Diabetes, and Oncology Issues are Amie\’s specialties.

She knows ​how​ to investigate and ​identify​ the diseases and disorders that cause your problems.

Amie​ understands YOUR frustration ​and she is​ here to help!

Amie uses functional medicine, a science-based method of studying a persons mind, body, medical and environmental history to uncover the root cause of your health problems.

What makes Amie different from other functional medicine and nutrition providers?

  1. 24/7 personal access to Amie! Her commitment to help her clients win the battle over excess weight , thyroid and hormone conditions, cancer and other modern health problems has brought her the reputation as the “go to” practitioner for real answers.

  2. Amie uses a “​NO EXCUSES​” approach to take her clients from illness to wellness. ​Amie won’t tell you what you want to hear, Amie will tell you what you ​need to hear.

  3. Other providers treat your symptoms, Amie wants to ​find the cause of your problems​! You will always receive personalized plans tailored to YOU.

Lose Fat with Intermittent Fasting


If you’re ready to work and make a change for your health…..

….then Amie is ready to work with you!

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Amie Hornaman featured in  News Article.

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Nutrition & Functional Medicine will help with Weight Loss, Thyroid Problems , Hormone Imbalance, Gut Health, Diabetes, Oncology etc..

Weight Loss in Erie, PA (Or Anywhere) is possible, but you need to find the underlying causes of your weight gain.

About Amie Hornaman Nutrition and Functional Medicine:

Posted by Dr. Amie Hornaman Nutrition and Functional Medicine-IP 2018-2021 on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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  • Personalized nutrition plans make the difference

    Amie Hornaman is a nutritionist, trainer, guide, and counselor combined. Amie is so motivating, caring, and committed to her clients, that I always joke that she needs to be a trainer on “The Biggest Loser”! I have struggled with my eating behaviors since I was a child, and I have been on numerous diets and […]

    Carl Schmidt
    HR Manager, Themify

  • Weight loss and balanced eating at last!

    Because of Amie and her nutritional guidance, I lost the last 10 pounds that I had been trying to lose for more than a year. After the first week or two, the eating plan became routine and the weight practically melted away. I used to think I was an emotional eater, but once I began […]

    Clara Ray
    Vice President, Themify

  • Lost 20 lbs and running a half marathon

    Hi Amie, I’ve been meaning to send you an email to update you on my progress. And now my friend, Annie, is asking me for your information so that she can schedule an appt with you. Anyway, since the “contest” ended, I have lost ANOTHER 20 pounds! In addition to the 19 I already lost, […]

    Diana Jones
    CFO, Themify

  • Competition preparation

    Amie did all of my diets for when I did my natural bodybuilding show a few years back. Her attention to detail was excellent and she knew from week to week what she needed to adjust in my diets to get the best results. And it all paid of because I won my show! If […]

    Patricia Wolf
    CEO, Themify

  • Changes in sleep and energy!

    Very helpful!! We have check ins every other day (sometimes everyday!). Amie gets back to me with answers to my questions right away almost always! If not, within a few hours! She has really helped me figure out what to look for and ways to substitute so I don’t have to completely change my way […]

    Designer, IconDock

  • Nutritionist and Friend

    I have been working with Amie for less than a year and couldn’t be happier with my results. She is extremely knowledgable and dedicated to fitness and nutrition. With a warm yet no non sense attitude she pushes me beyond my own limits. Not only is she my nutritionist and massage therapist I feel she […]

    OwnerFlower Shop

  • PCOS and weight loss

    Amie came into my life during a tough and trying time. I always thought I had PCOS, but doctors never showed any signs of wanting to confirm my fears. After finally getting pregnant and enduring a rough pregnancy and delivery, I pushed hard enough and got tested. While it was nice to finally have confirmation, […]

  • Personalized plans and one-on-one support

    Amie cares! You’ll receive a personalized plan, lots of helpful tips, & one on one support. If you’re serious about changing bad habits then take this next simple step to a healthy life! Hayley S. on February 29,2016

  • Down 4 pant sizes with increased confidence

    Working with Amie Hornaman as a personal trainer has been life changing for me. She has made it possible for me to not only enjoy my workouts, but also look forward to them. She is a well-rounded trainer that offers personal training and professional nutritional advice that is realistic for my very busy lifestyle. I […]

    Manager, A & D

  • I got great results!

    Thanks Amie Hornaman! It has been one of the best experiences in my life! I’ve gone through years of physical therapy and never got the results I’ve got working out with you! The time spent in the gym was well worth it! I completed 4 months of personal training. I lost over 20 pounds, I’m […]


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