Ooops I did it again

I’m human I mess up too! Remember my “eat the cheese” blog? Do you think I would learn from that? 

Well here was the real life scenario so you can relate. It’s s Friday night and I’m out at a fantastic winery/craft brewery. Drinking wine and hadn’t eaten for hours I knew it was time to get something in my belly. All they had was pizza and cheese plates!

So I ate the cheese (and the gluten) and had 2 small slices of pizza.  Like clockwork with my autoimmunity (specifically psoriasis) one day later I develop this beautiful outbreak in the exact same place as last week. 

Did I want to test the waters a bit? Probably.  But I also needed food or the wine would’ve put me on the floor by 7 pm. 

However, another lesson learned.  And just think about the autoimmune flares which happen that you CANT see. Hashimoto’s, chron’s, Rheumatoid arthritis…

Eat the cheese once, learn from it and don’t do it again!