Go Ahead Eat the Cheese

Got Autoimmunity? I challenge you to go dairy free for 1 month. Completely dairy free, no “bites of…”. Then add it back in. Even if it’s just a few bites of cheese. Pair it with your favorite wine and a few gluten free crackers. 

Then let me know what happens.

Notice any symptoms getting worse by chance? 

It’s a great way to test how quickly your autoimmune “soldiers” go out and start attackimg your body. For me, my psoriasis flares (psoriasis is autoimmune by the way) and my thyroid starts to slow down (Hashimoto’s) and I notice this just ONE day after I eat dairy. 

Yes I have my slip ups the same as you do. But we learn from them. Do you gain weight because your Hashimoto’s flares and your Thyroid takes a beating? Do your joints ache more from Rhumatiod arthritis? Do you experience severe GI distress when your Chron’s kicks up? 

I can only speak for myself, but I usually decide that how I feel when autoimmunity flares from dairy, dry cracked skin and 5 lbs later, is not worth the moment of cheese on my lips. 

So go ahead and eat the cheese! Then let me know if it’s worth it.