What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine in Erie PA starts with Amie Hornaman.

functional medicine erie combines nutrition with traditional medicine​.Have you ever wondered what is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is a sub-specialty in the field of health and diagnostic medicine. It combines the elements of ​nutrition and traditional medicine​. Functional medicine is a science based method ​that studies the mind, body, medical and environmental history.

The program focuses on finding problems that ​cause​ symptoms, ​not​ just treating the symptoms. Therefore Amie conducts in depth assessment of nutrition, lifestyle and personal history that will help uncover the root cause of your health problems.

Where to begin.


functional medicine erie pa starte with a complete evaluation.It begins by studying your physical, psychological, medical and environmental history. You will complete several questionnaires and Amie will interview you as part of the assessment in each of these areas:

  1. nutrition
  2. lifestyle (smoking, alcohol use, etc)
  3. personal and social history (where you’ve lived, worked, etc)
  4. environmental exposure (chemicals, poisons, radiation, etc)
  5. medical history (previous diagnoses and treatments)

The success of any functional medicine program in Erie Pa. or elsewhere depends upon the commitment of the wellness provider and the client. This means that Amie can’t make the changes for you, only you can do that. Your commitment to the program then balances the partnership between you and Amie.

Although Amie is based in Erie, PA., she works with clients all over the US. By utilizing Skype and Zoom she is able to maintain a personal relationship with each client.

You do your part, and Amie guides you by providing information about nutrition and lifestyle changes and explaining how functional medicine can change your life. Amie also gives 24/7 support and encouragement. This is to ensure you stay on track and also to help you avoid self-sabotaging behaviors.

About Amie Hornaman Nutrition and Functional Medicine:

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Functional Medicine in Erie Pa starts with Amie Hornaman

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