Amazing client review..had to post again. 

Amazing testimonial from a client. Made my day!! Awesome enough to repost. 
Hi Amie!
Well, it’s been about six months since our first meeting. I thought I would share where I’m at these days. First of all, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for your part in turning my life around! So many things to say, but what bubbles up is thank you, thank you, thank you! If I hadn’t seen that article in the paper (which I almost never read lol), I don’t even know where I would be.
You advised me to lean into changing my nutrition. You recommended I limit or eliminate gluten and dairy, but you didn’t make me feel it was a mountain I couldn’t climb. I went home thinking, I will lean into the change a little at a time. Fast forward six months and I am totally gluten free and probably 80% dairy free (an occasional piece of cheese or scoop of ice cream happens). I feel clear headed and more energetic. The best news of all is going gluten free reduced the atypical nerve pain in my face significantly. Because of this pain reduction, I felt strong enough to tackle other problems in my life.  
 My next goal was to get my thyroid medication adjusted. I just couldn’t get anywhere with my doctor because my blood test results were “in the normal range”. Because of the knowledge you gave me, I had the guts to push for an endocronologist referral. That said, my thyroid medication has now been changed, I have been on it for six weeks now, and feel soooo much better.
I got a taste of nerve pain relief and decided to try for total relief. Been seeing an acupuncturist for a few months now. Guess what….I have been off gabapentin now for 7 weeks and very rarely remember that I have atypical nerve pain!! Seriously!!! I was in pain for two years before all this!!!!
I still take the supplements you recommended (why mess with success!), and I love the protein powder. I add it to just about anything I can get away with lol, especially baking. I have learned to love this lifestyle and anymore, it’s not even difficult.
My next endeavor is to lose the weight. It may be the hardest, but I feel mentally and physically strong enough to tackle it. A girl can get dangerous when she gets her “hope” back!
I will let you know how it goes. Starting Monday, I am beginning to really watch what I eat and step up the exercise. I bought a 12 week journal and will log everything and see how far I get. 20 lbs is my goal. Lofty, but not impossible, and fact is, any pound I kick to the curb is a really good thing! I will send an update after I finish the journal.
Take care, keep up the good work, and thanks again!